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Internet charity finances fight against email spying

Press release Berlin, June 10, 2020 – Open Source project Lightmeter has been awarded €50,000 to support their fight to keep digital communications decentralised and independent of tech oligopolies. On behalf of the European Commission, NLnet provides the grant to Lightmeter as a component of the ‘Next Generation Internet’ in the field of Privacy Enhancing […]

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Jun 11 2020

Lightmeter to improve communication for 3.8bn users

Tech preview of Open Source delivery monitoring tool for mail servers lightens admins’ workloadsPress release Berlin, January 21, 2020 – Open Source tool Lightmeter introduces the first dedicated email delivery monitoring and visualization tool in the industry. An estimated 3.8 billion users use over 18 million email servers to receive 103 trillion emails per year, […]

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Jan 28 2020