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Of Mail Delivery

Mail matters but getting mail reliably and quickly in the inbox of recipients is hard. Lightmeter shows you where the bottlenecks are so you don't waste time searching for the problem.

100% on premise

And Under Your Control

When a mail does not arrive, you have a problem. Lightmeter's smart algorithms know when a problem is temporary or structural and warns you if you have to take action. Don't wait for users to complain!

Unique depth of insight

Fed By Your Own Mail Logs

Your mail contains incredibly sensitive information. Lightmeter runs on your server, analyzing your logs and tells you what is going on, then and there.

Up and running

In Two Minutes

Lightmeter comes in a convenient docker container you run and point to your logs. That's it!

Free and Open Source


Lightmeter is Open Source and empowered by your contributions. Join the project on GitLab now.

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