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Lightmeter is a team of deeptech email enthusiasts, passionate about bringing predictability to a world of black-box algorithms and grey areas. For a decade we’ve been running email delivery services for marketing, then sales, delivering over 80 billion emails during that time.

Opening a 6 Bn human network to innovation

Email is the world’s largest human communication network, with 85% of adults being active users. It’s also the #1 channel for B2B sales, thanks to it’s reach, value, and liberty. Unlike social media properties like LinkedIn and WhatsApp, email is a decentralized network with no single authority. It’s powered by Open Standards and Open Source software, making it fertile ground for innovation and experimentation. We make the global email network accessible to entrepreneurs with big ideas to share.

Our team

The biggest (email) nerds in the room

A decade of email-powered growth

Lightmeter’s Founders are serial email entrepreneurs who previously grew Open Source email marketing business phpList to 80,000 users, 20,000 self-hosted installations, and 10,000 customers. Next they created Lightmeter Control Center – the mailserver automation solution that was widely adopted and endorsed, before finally launching the Lightmeter delivery service – offered here at

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