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MS Exchange hack 'infecting thousands per hour'

The Hafnium attack on Microsoft Exchange email servers compromises them with web accessible shells which remain after security patching

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Mar 6 2021

Kopano Groupware integrates Lightmeter for private cloud service certitude

Kopano Open Source groupware has integrated Lightmeter Open Source mailops monitoring for private cloud service quality with data sovereignty

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Mar 2 2021

Release candidate for Lightmeter 1.4.0

Lightmeter Control Center Release Candidate 1.4.0 is ready for testing with Postfix mailservers for monitoring, deliverability, & performance

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Feb 26 2021

Why we trademark Open Source software and you should too

Do Open Source software trademarks contradict Open Source principles? What's their net impact on freedom? And what risks do they avoid?

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Feb 23 2021

February newsletter

The Lightmeter February newsletter is out featuring a month's worth of articles and social media news wrapped up in a slick single digest

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Feb 18 2021

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