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New interface prototyping

User interviews and story mapping are guiding an intensive redesign of Lightmeter's interfaces, including new clickthrough prototypes used for UX testing

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Mar 30 2020

Development update: Go portable

Lightmeter Control Center is being rewritten in Go, with a new scalable architecture, Unix and Windows support, and in a single tiny downloadable binary

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Mar 28 2020

February newsletter

One month after launching the Lightmeter Control Center prototype we bring you the second edition of our newsletter. You’ll find a summary of last months articles and social media news, wrapped up in slick new design. Subscribe to receive future newsletters direct to your inbox at the end of each month.

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Mar 3 2020

The rise and rise of email: by the numbers

Just how much more popular is email than Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and Slack? We dive into the numbers comparing users, ROI, ecosystem, and prospects

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Feb 25 2020