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Internet charity finances fight against email spying

Press release Berlin, June 10, 2020 – Open Source project Lightmeter has been awarded €50,000 to support their fight to keep digital communications decentralised and independent of tech oligopolies. On behalf of the European Commission, NLnet provides the grant to Lightmeter as a component of the ‘Next Generation Internet’ in the field of Privacy Enhancing […]

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Jun 11 2020

April newsletter

The Lightmeter April newsletter is out featuring a month's worth of new articles and social media news, wrapped up in a slick single digest

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May 14 2020

0.0.2 Alpha: more accurate and responsive charts

Minor Lightmeter Control Center release 0.0.2 brings responsive charts, faster scripts, and docker builds and registry

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May 9 2020

April interviews: features, jobs and savings

New features, jobs to be done, and major cost savings were some of the insights gained from a month of conducting Lightmeter User interviews in April

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May 8 2020