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Lightmeter awarded support by Open Technology Fund

The Open Tech Fund has awarded Lightmeter $10,000 in services to support the open ecosystem with their email monitoring and automation system

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Sep 16 2021

IPv4 vs IPv6 for email deliverability in 2021

IPv6 email deliverability is tougher, facing stricter delivery policies and throttling, but cheaper means of scaling - the pros and cons

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Aug 31 2021

The Open Source Feedback Gap: freedom vs convenience

Open Source feedback loops are hard, constituting a competitive disadvantage for user feedback and discovery - here's our compromise

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Aug 27 2021

Lightmeter 1.8: Frictionless Feature Feedback

Lightmeter includes many sensors and Insights for mailserver and mailops monitoring - now you can vote on each with 1-click

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Jul 14 2021

Dedicated email IP vs shared IP best practices for self hosting

Are shared or dedicated IPs best for self hosted email networks and what are the best practices for maximum performance?

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Jul 6 2021

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