Beyond the prototype: next steps

Wow. Over 1,000 downloads in three days. Over 200 companies on the waiting list. Extensive press coverage. The first Open Source contribution merged. The Lightmeter Open Source email delivery monitoring app has truly lifted off! Between November and February a lot of work went into the Lightmeter Control Center Prototype which was launched last month. […]

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Feb 19 2020

Launch press roundup

After months of behind-the-scenes work, Lightmeter launched publicly three days ago, to a warm welcome from digital and print media, and bloggers. Here’s a roundup of coverage so far. Press ZDNet (Digital Tech news with 36 million monthly visitors) Heise (Germany’s leading technology news network) Pro-Linux (Print Magazine) Linux Magazin (Print Magazine) Open Source Observatory […]

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Jan 31 2020

Deliverability meetup at FOSDEM 2020

Europe’s largest meeting of Open Source professionals takes place this weekend in Brussels, and despite 100% of attendees using the Open Source and Open Standards powered peer-to-peer communication network called “email”, there are no tracks, talks, or events on this subject. Until Now! Compare strategies, share stories As email delivery gets increasingly dark and difficult […]

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Jan 30 2020

Introducing Lightmeter

Welcome to Lightmeter. Email is the world’s most trusted channel of digital communication. We are here to make it easier. Last year 20% of the estimated 103 trillion emails that were sent didn’t arrive at their destination. There are at least 18 million mail servers out there, most of them running Open Source mail transfer […]

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Jan 28 2020