Join a team of Open Source idealists backed by a market-proven business model and venture capital investors. Apply via email, including a link to LinkedIn or your CV, to hello at lightmeter dot io.

Open positions

Junior Operations Manager

This is a role that can grow into multiple directions depending on your talents and preferences. We’re an early stage startup facing a wide variety of operational challenges and unique learning experiences. By organising our operational processes you’ll earn the gratitude of your colleagues by enabling them to focus on their core areas, and increasing the team’s overall velocity.

Your attributes

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Commerically-minded
  • Fluent in English
  • Structured communicator (written and verbal)
  • Comfortable delegating tasks
  • Reflective
  • Decisive
  • Familiar with straddling timezones

Bonus skills

  • Agile working practices
  • Experience managing contractors
  • Markdown / RST
  • GitHub / GitLab
  • Basic HTML, CSS, & JS
  • Copywriting
  • Experience with email sales or marketing (so you can relate to our customers)
  • Open to future relocation to the USA

Lead Data Scientist

Google and Microsoft control access to most of the world’s largest communication network: email. Ever-changing black-box algorithms are used to block independent email networks. We have the data you will need to find patterns and deduce principles from them which your colleagues in Engineering and Infrastructure will build systems to keep independent email flowing.

Core skills

  • Data science experience and qualifications
  • Analytical drive and perspective
  • Creative pattern finding
  • Love of experimentation
  • Agile working practices

Technical skills

  • Markdown / RST
  • Basic Linux terminal competence
  • Basic cloud server management
  • Git CLI

Bonus skills

  • Machine Learning experience
  • Docker experience
  • Email deliverability experience
  • Email server administration experience
  • Open to future relocation to the USA