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IPv4 vs IPv6 for email deliverability in 2021

IPv6 email deliverability is tougher, facing stricter delivery policies and throttling, but cheaper means of scaling - the pros and cons

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Aug 31 2021

Dedicated email IP vs shared IP best practices for self hosting

Are shared or dedicated IPs best for self hosted email networks and what are the best practices for maximum performance?

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Jul 6 2021

How do DKIM and DMARC affect email deliverability?

Who cares? Many mail hosts, local and global, large and small, urge senders to set up DKIM and DMARC as soon as possible. Combine that with the public adoption of these email authentication systems by almost all the major global ISPs (and offering their clients with the ability to set them up, backed by numerous […]

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May 27 2021

Email delivery vs email deliverability

Email delivery vs email deliverability vs inbox placement: what's the difference and which matters most? We break it down in plain English

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May 19 2021